After starting a career in mortgages, Verity then moved into HR and now has over 20 years’ experience. Verity has experience on working in both HR & L&D functions and now runs the Optimal PBS Office as well as supporting the processing of payrolls for our clients and the recruitment of back office roles such as HR, Finance, Risk, Compliance and Insurance based roles.

Verity has an excellent eye for detail and is our “go to” person for feedback on any documents we are producing. 

More about Verity

I avoid any kind of serious ongoing commitment by socialising, watching TV, reading and spending lots of time on the internet.
Hard question, love hot beach island holidays i.e Barbados, Maldives and attempting to be cultural in Italy.
Starts with teatime drinks at the local, followed by meeting friends Saturday night for food and drinks.
Love most music but seventies is a favourite.
I have a lovely Yorkshire Terrier called Toby.
The only person I can say has influenced me is Mel, (it’s true), as she’s always believed in me and had confidence in me.

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